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betterplace lab

The betterplace lab does research where innovation and the common good meet. It is the think tank of betterplace.org, Germany’s largest online fundraising platform for social projects.


Making high-quality healthcare accessible to all Pakistanis, regardless of location or income.

Carbon Loop Technologies

CLT has developed an innovative technology to produce high-quality bio char from waste biomass at low cost.


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Our publishing

A User’s Guide to Digital Wellbeing

This booklet explores the relationship we have with technology. How can we as individuals, companies and society in general foster a productive relationship with our devises, which let’s us grow our potential instead of dimming us down or overwhelming us.
In collaboration with betterplace lab

New Work Needs Inner Work

Dieses praxisorientierte Handbuch beschreibt Schritt für Schritt, wie man Selbstorganisation im Team oder Unternehmen einführen kann. Es kombiniert die Perspektive der Unternehmerin (Joana, betterplace) und des Coaches (Bettina), um anhand von Organisationsprinzipien, konkreten Beispielen und Übungen zu erforschen, welche Kompetenzen wichtig sind, um Hierarchien abzubauen und flexibler und sinnstiftender zu arbeiten.

New Work needs Inner Work ist erhältlich auf amazon.

Future Sensor

In Future Sensor, Das Dach’s in-house philosopher explores the contemporary shift towards the digital age. They develop a vision for a systemically healthy future which we as innovators, entrepreneurs and policy makers can turn into reality.